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What is the Difference Between Hypnosis and Counseling?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness during which people are more receptive to suggestions given by a therapist, doctor, and even by people to themselves.  Counseling involves receiving guidance regarding how to resolve a personal or psychological issue.

Feb 22nd, 2021
How Can Hypnosis Help My Child?

A most wonderful fact about hypnosis is that your child can learn to control his or her mind better through entering hypnosis.  Once your child achieves improved mind control, the applications are limitless.

Feb 1st, 2021
How Can I Tell if I am Good at Hypnosis?

People who are highly hypnotizable tend to have particularly good imaginations and can picture things easily and in detail in their mind’s eye.  They tend to lose track of time when they are engaged in reading an enjoyable book or watching a movie. 

Jan 26th, 2021
What is Hypnosis?

To my patients I define hypnosis as “using your imagination to help yourself.”  Hypnosis involves a state of focused attention, in which people are more receptive to suggestions.

Jan 19th, 2021
Why is Hypnosis Important?

Hypnosis should be an essential tool in the kit of every health care provider.  Without use of this tool, or another way of addressing patients’ psychological issues, the majority of patients suffer needlessly! 

Jan 12th, 2021
How Did I Become Involved in Hypnosis?

In this first blog entry I share about my introduction to the world of hypnosis when I encountered a very allergic patient who was able to think his way into and out of an apparent allergic reaction.

Jan 4th, 2021