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Hypnosis for Improved Well-Being: 6 Ways to Promote Good Health

There are many ways to help yourself promote and maintain good health.  These include allotting time for sufficient sleep, regular exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, socializing and helping others, challenging your mind with life-long learning, and dealing effectively with stress. 

As we embark on a new year, consider setting goals to incorporate many of these approaches into your life.  If you need help, you might consider use of hypnosis (link), which offers some unique features that can be helpful in attaining these goals. 


People can use hypnosis to help themselves fall asleep more quickly through use of imagery such as imagining that they are falling asleep in a comfortable place. 

Hypnosis can also help people remain asleep through the night by having them envision calm sleep, and helping to overcome recurrent nightmares by inviting people to imagine a better ending to such dreams. 


Many people avoid exercise because they find it difficult or boring to do.  Hypnosis can facilitate a better exercise routine by helping people to enter a calm, relaxed state in which exercise can seem easier and more doable.   

For athletes, hypnosis can be used to more easily achieve the “zone” in which exercise seems to flow effortlessly. 

Exercise in nature is helpful because spending time outdoors is associated with good feelings and decreased stress.   However, if it is not possible to go outside, using hypnosis to imagine being in nature while exercising can also provide significant benefit. 

Well-Balanced Diet 

Eating in a healthy way is a challenge for many people.  Hypnosis can be used in several ways to help.   

People who need to eat smaller portions can use their imaginations to feel full and satisfied after meals.  They might tell themselves that if they feel hungry before meals this is a good sign that they ate the right amount during the previous meal. 

People who need to eat larger portions can envision how they will feel better once they achieve their goal. 

People who dislike the texture or taste of particular foods that should be part of their diet can better tolerate these foods by imagining that they are foods that they like. 

Socializing and Helping Others 

Support from a social network is thought to be essential for good health.  Some people have difficulty socializing because of anxiety that arises from a fear of being disliked or judged.  Hypnosis can be used to help people better appreciate their self-worth, and therefore they can become less worried about what others might think of them.  Also, self-calming with use of hypnosis while socializing can lead to improved social interactions. 

Sometimes it is difficult to physically help others because of distance, financial difficulties, or strained relationships.  In such circumstances, hypnosis can be used to project feelings of loving kindness towards others, which can empower feelings that you are doing something worthwhile to help. 


By using hypnosis to tap into your own subconscious (link), you can open your mind to knowledge and wisdom that you hadn’t considered previously.  Exploration of these new thoughts through reading, media, and conversation with others can provide your mind with outstanding stimulation, which helps promote good mental and physical health. 


Hypnosis can help implement positive thoughts through use of self-suggestion.  Such thoughts help reduce stress by prompting you to look differently at life challenges.  For example, rather than thinking of the stress that might be caused by a new job, you might focus on the benefits that you might receive once you are successful in your new role. 

Through use of hypnosis, you can teach your body to remain relatively calm during stressful events, and thus be less likely to develop health complications.  Further, when you use hypnosis regularly to calm yourself you are practicing self-care, which is essential for maintenance of good health. 

Finally, through consultation with your subconscious you might gain insight and perspective regarding how to best deal with stressful events, which will help you better cope. 

Take Home Message 

Use of hypnosis can make it easier to reach many of the goals that are beneficial for achievement and maintenance of good health. 

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Profile Photo or Ran D. Anbar, MD, FAAP Ran D. Anbar, MD Ran D. Anbar, MD, FAAP, is board certified in both pediatric pulmonology and general pediatrics, offering hypnosis and counseling services at Center Point Medicine in La Jolla, California, and Syracuse, New York. Dr. Anbar is also a fellow and approved consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Anbar is a leader in clinical hypnosis, and his 20 years of experience have allowed him to successfully treat over 5,000 children. He also served as a professor of pediatrics and medicine and the director of pediatric pulmonology at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, for 21 years.

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