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COVID Creative Work


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Center Point Medicine providers have encouraged our patients to explore their creativity as a path to personal growth while they are sheltering at home. Here, we will feature some of their creative works. 


These photographs are by Avery, Age 19


This drawing is by Grace, Age 18

This drawing is by Kayla, Age 11





This drawing is by Danny, Age 15



This drawing is by Marcus, Age 13



The drawings below are by Trevor, 14-years-old.





These drawings are by Randall, Age 20





This painting is by Lyla, Age 11





Finding Clarity Amongst Crisis

By Trevor Reed on Monday, April 13, 2020


It’s easy to say that this whole experience has been difficult and confusing.

One day we’re just leaving for spring break, the next we are notified that we are online for the rest of the year. I never really got to say goodbye to my roommate, nor did we get one more night in our first year dorm room together.

My first year of college was cut short, I had to say goodbye to my dorm, my friends, and my professors months earlier than planned. A switch was flipped and normal life was shut down as we knew it. Quite honestly, we really don’t know when we are going back. It’s very possible that the fall semester will be all online too.

I can’t imagine what this must be like for seniors, not only at Humboldt State, but across the country in high school and in college. We work so hard for some many years, all for one moment at the end when our hard work is recognized, and we can say we did it. That moment was taken away from so many seniors this year.

Through all this chaos and carnage, something has hit me pretty hard, the fact that people are dying all over the world and I am alive.

Leaving San Diego in the Fall of 2019 to go up to Humboldt had me feeling sad because of the thought that I would never really be “living” with my family again. At least not the same way I was before, but the Covid-19 crisis has given me some type of second chance as I like to call it.

The quarantine has given me a chance to reset and rethink the way I am living. For starters I am able to be here and present with my family once again. Everyone is home because of work and school being down for the moment, so I am able to spend time with them.

Another change this pandemic has made on my life, is my view on what it means to be alive. Now more than ever I am seeing how fragile our lives are, and how easily each life can be lost.

By no means am I a religious guy, and I don’t mean to make this one of those rants on how life is a gift, but yeah life is a gift. Never before in my life have I been so happy and thankful to wake up every morning.

These strange circumstances have brought me an intense appreciation for those around me who I care about, and who care about me. As well as an appreciation for a normal day to day life that I took for granted before the quarantine.

It may be true that my motivation for school is not as high as it was when we were in person, but my motivation to live my life to the fullest, take risks, and do the things I want to do after we get through this has skyrocketed.

There is no doubt that these times are hard, not only that but scary and dark at some points too. Don’t let that darkness take you over. Try to smile when you can, do your best to find happiness somewhere in this madness.

Have a dance party, play some games, make a weird meal with the food you have available in your house, but most of all try to keep your spirits up. Tell those close to you that you love them, and give them a hug if you can. Acknowledge that you are here, alive, and you have not been defeated. Live for those that the virus took from us.

The sun will always come up tomorrow. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be afraid, but at the end of the day just know that it is going to be okay, and we will get through this. We are all in this together.


The following culinary masterpiece was created by Chef Anonymous, Age 11.



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