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Pediatric Hypnosis and Counseling located in La Jolla, CA & Syracuse, NY

For many asthma sufferers, triggers like stress, situations that lead to a strong emotional
reaction, and even the fear of an asthma attack can cause symptoms to worsen.
Fortunately, it’s possible to control those symptoms. At Center Point Medicine in San
Diego, California, La Jolla, California, and Syracuse, New York, Dr. Ran D. Anbar and the
team of medical experts take a comprehensive approach to teaching patients of all ages
how to calm down so they are able to effectively manage their symptoms. We are happy
to announce that patients of all ages are treated at Center Point Medicine. Ran Anbar,
MD, Danielle Aretz, MD, Amy Chambers, NP, and Nadia Sarwar, MD provide hypnosis
therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults. Christine Sullivan, PhD, FNP-BC

Asthma Q & A

What happens during an asthma attack?

When it comes to asthma, both airway inflammation and airway constriction can make it difficult to breathe during an attack. The airways in your lungs swell and produce extra mucus which can make you cough and feel a shortness of breath. During an asthma attack, you may also feel tightness or pain in your chest, or experience wheezing, which is common for children with asthma.

For some asthma sufferers, an asthma attack worsens after physical activity or as a result of allergens. Heightened emotions and elevated stress levels can also trigger asthma symptoms, along with exposure to cold air and respiratory infections like the common cold.


What are signs that my asthma is getting worse?

If you have more frequent asthma attacks or symptoms, or you need to use a quick-relief inhaler more often, your asthma may be getting worse. If your symptoms more frequently make it harder for you to breathe, or you have trouble sleeping at night because of shortness of breath or wheezing, it may be time to seek additional treatment.

Another sign that you may need to seek help managing symptoms is when coughing and trying to catch your breath make it difficult to participate in the activities you enjoy. Though asthma is a chronic condition, it’s still possible to more effectively manage symptoms so you can improve the overall quality of your life.


How do I manage my asthma?

Understanding your triggers and symptoms is essential to managing your asthma on a daily basis. You should work with your primary care provider or pulmonologist to develop an asthma action plan that can include daily preventive medications and/or medications that can be used as needed for asthma flare-ups.  Dr. Anbar and the team at Center Point Medicine take a comprehensive approach to helping you understand your symptoms and developing coping skills. They do this through hypnosis and counseling because they believe in treating the whole person, both mind, and body.

Hypnosis has been shown to help patients remain calm during an asthma attack so they can better control their symptoms. It also helps you relax and develop a more positive outlook regarding your symptoms that can help to prevent the development of symptoms and to improve your overall quality of life

If you suffer from asthma and find it difficult to manage your symptoms solely through medications or inhalers, it may be time to take a more holistic approach. Call the Center Point Medicine office in La Jolla, or request a consultation online to take the first step toward more effectively managing your asthma.

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