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"I have had ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS ever since I can remember. My parents had me take several different medications and see several therapists over the years; none of it worked. The self-hypnosis and techniques that Dr. Anbar taught me changed my life. I now have the skills and tools I need to handle any anxiety I experience and am able to truly live my life the way I want to."

- Josh, 20 Years Old


"My daughter was referred to Dr. Anbar by her pediatric neurologist. She has CHRONIC SEVERE MIGRAINES that were not responding to medication, Botox, or biofeedback therapy. Dr. Anbar helped by teaching her self- hypnosis. This was a solution I would have never believed in if I hadn't experienced it with my own two eyes. He makes you comfortable with his approach. The result has been fewer trips to the emergency room. I would recommend him to any parent of a child who is suffering from a chronic condition."

- Mother of Beth (16)


"The hypnotic techniques that I have learned from Dr. Anbar are tremendous in helping me become less stressed and have made my STOMACHACHES disappear.  Even though I’ve only been with him for a short time, I feel like I have accomplished so much.  I think that you have tried everything for whatever condition you may have and nothing seems to work, self-hypnosis is your best shot."

- Jacob, 17 Years Old


"When I was younger, I experienced extreme DIZZINESS, all day, every day, for almost a year. I was unable to go to school, or even walk without someone's help. One of the doctors who was helping me suggested that I try hypnosis. I was skeptical at first, but to my amazement after struggling for almost a year, hypnosis cured me in just a few appointments."

- Mary, 15 Years Old


"When I get HEADACHES my doctor suggests me imagining things that I LOVE. And it really helps."

- Miguel, 8 Years Old


"Learning the practice of self-hypnosis provided the most profound lifelong change in my health that I have experienced thus far. Self-hypnosis allowed me to exercise immediate control over the way I felt which opened my eyes to the fact that my mental state had a direct effect on my health. This knowledge, combined with Dr. Anbar’s regular feedback, stabilized my ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES and gave me the necessary tools to maintain a positive state of health long term."

- Thomas, 20 Years Old


"I started seeing Dr. Anbar just over a year ago. Throughout the past three years I have suffered from CHRONIC MIGRAINES. I have tried almost everything possible in attempt to cure them, but hypnosis is the only thing that has ever helped.  Dr.  Anbar is always coming up with new, creative techniques to try and relieve as much pain as possible.  He always takes the time to listen to what I have to say and shows that he truly cares about what he does."

- Christina, 16 Years Old


"At first, my use of hypnosis was to overcome my feelings of extreme ANXIETY. As I began to use my new relaxation techniques I found that hypnosis could be applied to any part of my life that I was struggling with. Now, hypnosis has become a part of my daily routine, making me a happier and more successful person."

- Sarah, 19 Years Old


"I use hypnosis to be able to get past my INSOMNIA AND ANXIETY. It was a big help in order to to handle the effect of stress that my school had on me. Because of this, I could return to attending public school."

- Paul, 16 Years Old


"I have had ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS ever since I can remember. My parents had me take several different medications and see several therapists over the years; none of it worked. The self-hypnosis and techniques that Dr. Anbar taught me changed my life. I now have the skills and tools I need to handle any anxiety I experience and am able to truly live my life the way I want to."

- Meghan, 20 Years Old


"Since I was 6 years old, Dr. Anbar has helped me change my perception on life's setbacks. Before coming to him, I felt that there was an absolute divide between passing and failing. When I was younger, this caused me to become very angry and develop TEMPER TANTRUMS. After a couple of sessions of hypnosis, he helped me realize that our shortcomings are the greatest opportunity to learn. I am honored to have met him because I feel like I can find balance in everything."

- Jimmy, 18 Years Old


"I suffered from debilitating STRESS-INDUCED MIGRAINES for four straight months before I tried hypnosis. Through hypnosis, I was able to get to the root of my stress as well as find a way to fix it. I've also learned how to control my migraines with hypnosis, and help myself feel better when I feel a migraine coming on."

- Molly, 18 Years Old


"After years of managing STRESS-RELATED MEDICAL ISSUES through therapy, medication, and diet, my son seemed to have hit a wall. He slept, mostly unwakeable, through a majority of a year, missing out on both school and most of his personal time. Through a combination of self hypnosis and therapy with Dr. Anbar (and collaboration with Mark's sleep doctor), my son was able to regain control of his body and his sleep cycle. Dr. Anbar's positive approach toward taking control of one's own life was instrumental in my son finding his strength, healing, and ultimately, believing in himself and moving forward as a truly self confident teen."

- Mother of Mark (15)


"I suffer from MIGRAINES and without Dr. Anbar's help I would not be where I am today. I haven't had a migraine for the past 9 months. My favorite imagery that he taught me was to think of my migraine like an animal. And so I thought of a bear. He told me appease the bear and your migraine will go and so I imagined giving the bear honey or fish. That was only one of his many techniques that have helped me get to where I am today."

- Andi, 14 Years Old


"We first started seeing Dr. Anbar when my son just turned 15 yrs old. He has been dealing with his ENURESIS his whole life. We tried bedtime alarms, limiting food and liquids after a certain time and even medication. All of which worked on and off for a while and then stopped. The doctors continue to tell us that he will eventually grow out this they just don't know when. As a mother all I want to do is protect my child, so I would limit sleep overs and other activities that could potentially end in disaster.

After speaking with some friends and then our physician, I found out about Dr. Anbar and self hypnosis. I was willing to try anything to help my son. He was very skeptical at first when I asked if he would try hypnosis. Now, after seeing Dr. Anbar only twice my son's enuresis has significantly decreased. He is more confident about being able to control his condition and is looking forward to being able to improve on his athletic skills through the use of self hypnosis.

Dr. Anbar and his self hypnosis techniques have been a blessing. My son is looking forward to being able to attend sleep overs without worry and I am enjoying his increased confidence in himself."

- Mother of Juan (15)


"Hypnotherapy has helped me so much throughout the years. I started hypnotherapy because I had major ANXIETY issues and also a FEAR OF DEATH. Along with those issues I was terribly AFRAID OF NEEDLES.

Dr. Anbar has helped me get over my fear of death, needles, and my anxiety by using hypnosis. He taught me many methods for each of these issues that I had.

I remember learning how to talk to my subconscious and asking myself what my subconscious is telling me to do. I remember using the subconscious method for my TEST ANXIETY when I was in school.

For my fear of death I would also use the positive self-talk method and Dr. Anbar began to use inspirational pictures to help me.

As for my problem with needles, he gave me a glove method where I would put an invisible glove on my arm to numb myself so I wouldn't feel any pain, which worked every time.

Today, I am a college student and still continuing my visits with Dr. Anbar. As stressful as college can be, I can always count on Dr. Anbar to teach me how to deal with my stress and frustration."

- Lisa, 18 Years Old


"Having our son go to Dr. Anbar was a blessing for our family. He helped relieve so many medical issues we just assumed would be a daily part of life, such as his MIGRAINES, THROAT CLEARING, and FEAR OF NEEDLES. We weren't complaining, it was a small price to pay since we could have lost him at anytime when he was born very prematurely. Once these problems started disappearing from our son's daily life it built so much confidence in Michael, he was changed forever. What he couldn't make disappear, he was taught to help control. It went so far beyond helping Michael, he helped us all as a family, helped us deal with Michael's problems and help him through in ways we would have never known how. We are so grateful for Dr. Anbar. His work is truly magical."

- Mother of Michael (9)


"I had previously taken prescription medications for HYPERSOMNIA. The medicine worked great, but over time it increased my heart rate to unacceptable levels and I had to stop taking it. My excessive sleepiness returned, which cost me hours of productivity every day. I work as a freelance translator and tutor — a job which I usually do sitting down — so with my excessive sleepiness returning I found myself drifting off to sleep in the middle of projects. As time went on, I had to take on less of a workload.

Sixteen years ago, with Dr. Anbar’s help I was able to use self-hypnosis to overcome my habit of staring at the floor as a result of severe headaches caused by nasal polyps. The habit of looking down all the time had persisted even after the polyps were removed. I was also able to use self-hypnosis for pain management during blood draws as well. It had helped solve these problems, so I was willing to try using self-hypnosis to treat hypersomnia.

After the first session, I felt an improvement in my wakefulness instantaneously. After a few weeks of hypnosis sessions, I’ve been able to function during the day as if I were still on the medication, however my heart rate has returned to the level it was at before I started taking the medication. Self-hypnosis has added four waking hours to my day and increased the quality of my work."

- Brian, 28 Years Old

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