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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Center Point Medicine accept insurance?

Yes, our Center Point Medicine providers have contracted with most private insurance plans. You can find the list of insurances with which we participate towards the bottom of the home page <> or on the list below. We are unable to accept Medi-Cal. If you have questions, contact Analisa Howard at Center Point Medicine or your child's insurance carrier.

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Arizona Foundation
  • Beech Street
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Coventry
  • First Health
  • Fortified Provider Network
  • Galaxy Health Network
  • GWH - Cigna
  • Health Net
  • Multiplan
  • Pacific Foundation for Medical Care
  • Pacific Health Alliance
  • PHCS
  • PHCS Savility
  • Prime Health Services
  • Scripps Employee Medical Plan
  • Stratose
  • Three Rivers Provider Network
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare


Q. What if my insurance doesn't cover "hypnosis"?

Since hypnotherapy is just one component of the consultation and treatment, we do not bill specifically for “hypnosis” but as a consultation for the medical condition being treated. We bill using standard office codes that are generally covered by insurance carriers.


Q. What is the cancellation policy?

Center Point Medicine reserves the right to charge a $150.00 fee for missed appointments or appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice, except in the case of an emergency.


Q. What methods of payment are accepted?

If we are billing your insurance, a co-pay may be expected at the time of service. Cash, checks and MC/Visa/Discover are accepted.


Q. Do I need a referral from my primary physician to be treated at Center Point Medicine?

If your insurance company does not require a referral from your primary care provider, we can see you without a referral. However, a referral may be helpful even if it is not required.


Q. What are the ages of patients who receive care at Center Point Medicine?

At Center Point Medicine we provide care for patients between the ages of 4 and 99 years. As pediatricians, Drs. Ran Anbar, Danielle Aretz, and Nadia Sarwar have routinely treated patients up to 21 years of age, according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Amy Chambers, FNP, and Sherrie Jacoby, FNP, have worked with children and young adults. Christine Sullivan, PhD, FNP, works with patients 13 years and older.


Q. How do I reach a physician or nurse practitioner at Center Point Medicine after hours?

Center Point Medicine is a consultative practice and does not provide primary care or emergency services. Therefore, we are not available after hours. You may leave a message or e-mail after hours and your message will be returned during normal business hours.


Q. What if I have a medical emergency or need to be hospitalized?

If you have a medical emergency, you should call 911 for assistance or go to the nearest emergency department.

If you need to be hospitalized, you will be cared for in the hospital by your primary physician or a hospital physician.


Q. How many sessions of hypnosis will my child need?

The answer varies based on the symptoms and interests of you or your child. Some symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a cough can resolve after 1-2 sessions, while others can take several sessions to improve significantly. Some patients choose to use hypnosis as a way of gaining insight into what is causing stress, and discussion of their insights can take several sessions. The average child is seen at Center Point Medicine for 7 visits. The average adult is seen for 3 visits.


Q. Does hypnotherapy mean I am not in control of my body?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. This means that hypnosis can only affect you if you allow it. Because hypnosis utilizes some subconscious abilities, it can lead to changes without conscious control. This is why some people may think hypnosis leads them to be out of control. Nonetheless, patients who utilize hypnosis are in full control of whether they want to allow change to occur through conscious or subconscious means.


Q. What is hypnosis? Why use it? What are its risks? How do I know if my child might benefit?






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