Touched by an Angel?

I called Paul’s family on the following day.  “I am so very sorry to hear what has happened,” I said. 


“We meant to call you,” said his mother.  “But there has been so much on our minds.” 


“It’s okay,” I said.  “When is the funeral going to be?”


“The day after tomorrow,” she replied. 


“Would it be okay if I came to visit you tomorrow, before the funeral?”


“Yes, we would like that.”


I wanted to visit with Paul’s family to tell them about how much he had helped me learn about hypnosis.  I wanted to tell them about how special a relationship I had with him.  Suddenly, I remembered the tape we had made the previous year.  I realized that I had to deliver the tape to Paul’s parents.  I thought they would be comforted by its content.


As I drove to Paul’s house, I thought again and again about whether I should share Paul’s tape with his family.  As far as I knew, they did not know of its existence.  Not only that, but the issues we discussed were issues that Paul never talked about with his family, because he did not want to deal with such issues consciously.  But I knew that Paul had cared a great deal about his family and would have wanted me to share this tape with them, because it would help.  Not only that, Paul had wanted me to share his story with the world, as we had talked about having my work with him published as part of a book.


Paul’s family lived in a small house at the edge of town.  When I arrived, his parents and older sister ushered me into their living room.  I sat down on their sofa.  “Thank you for inviting me to come and visit you,” I said. 


“Thank you for coming.”


“I wanted to tell you how much I value Paul’s relationship with me,” I began.  “Paul was a very special person.  He was gifted in hypnosis, and helped teach me much of what I know about this subject.  Since I learned about hypnosis with Paul, I have helped many patients become healthier with its use.  I want you to know that I feel that when I help patients with hypnosis, that this is an extension of Paul’s work on this earth.  In this way, I will help Paul live on through my work.”


Paul’s family told me how appreciative they were for all of my work with Paul.  They said that his use of hypnosis was really helpful for him during the last year.  He tried to convince other family members to use hypnosis to help themselves with some of their problems, they told me.


“I brought something to share with you,” I said.  “I brought a tape that Paul and I made ten months ago.”  It was clear that the family had not heard about this tape.  “In this tape, Paul and I discuss many things that you may find helpful.”


Paul’s parents, his sister, two next door neighbors, and I went into Paul’s room.  This was the only place in the house that had a tape deck.  We all sat down.  His parents sat on Paul’s bed, and I sat on a chair next to his bed.  Then we turned on the tape.  I have excerpted parts of it when Paul was discussing his thoughts with me while he was in hypnosis.


Q:  Can you tell me a little bit of what you’re seeing? 


Paul: The sky is perfectly blue.  There is not a cloud in the sky.  The sun is already pretty much up.  It’s a little choppy.  There is a slight wind.  There are ripples in the lake.  It looks like it’s going to be a warm day though.


Q: Do you recognize you’re in a trance right now?


Paul: I’m relaxed.


Q: So you’re relaxed.  If I asked you to let me talk to your subconscious what would you do?


Paul: I’ll let you talk to it.


Q: Where is your subconscious?


Paul: In my heart.


Q: Remember if at any time you feel uncomfortable and you want to stop being in a trance, all you need to do is go up the staircase.  Do you understand?


Paul: Yes.


Q: Can your subconscious say hello?


Paul: Yes.


Q: Is this your subconscious, Paul?


Paul: Yes.


Q: OK.  I have some questions to ask of you.  Would you answer my questions?


Paul: Yes.


Q: And you’re happy to answer the questions?


Paul: Yes.


Q: Do you sense any beings around us besides you and I, is there anybody else around us right now?


Paul: Yes.


Q: Who is there?


Paul: Everyone important in my life, dead or alive is with me at this point.


Q: Can you name them?


Paul: Dead or alive?


Q: Name everybody.  First name the dead.


Paul: My grandpa Mintz, my grandma Mintz, my grandma Calvin, Uncle Stuart, Art Hershey, Aunt Bee, Lance Uker, Mike McMahon, Ron Arcilla, Eleanor Smith, Harry Smith,  Schultzy... Those are the dead watching over me.


Q: Who are the live people around you?


Paul: My sister, Eddy, Aunt Daria, Tina, Aunt Delores, my mom, my dad, Uncle Robert, Aunt Karen, my Uncle Earl, Uncle James, Uncle Jordan, Julia, Georgette, Cruise, Jim, Kathy, Ken, Tara, Amanda, Anna, Joanne, Jasmine.


Q: How can the live people be here?


Paul: Through thoughts.  Even though I don’t think of people all the time every second of the day I’m with them.  I’m with them when I wake up, ‘til I go to bed at night.


Q: Are you with them when you’re asleep?


Paul: I don’t know.  I don’t think so because that’s my time.


As Paul named the living beings that were around him I was amazed.  He had named each person sitting in his room that day.  Paul’s mother explained that the dead beings he had listed included the family’s old dog, two kids who had died tragically in their town last year, and a family acquaintance that had died ten years ago.


Q: Is there anything any of your family would like to say to you?


Paul: No, because they talk to me every day.


Q: What do they tell you?


Paul: They tell me that I’m a good person. That I can do it if I put my mind to it.  They tell me that because I’ve proved it all along in my life when I was ill.  They tell me that they love me and they’re proud of me.  They’ll support me and be there for me in whatever I choose to do in life.  They want me to help people ‘cause they think I’m good at it. And also because so many people have helped me throughout my life.  I think that’s why I want to be a doctor one day so I can help.  It gives me a good feeling when I help a person.


Q: Are these beings that you’re seeing, are they human?


Paul: The ones that talk to me every day are the deceased ones.  I hear the same though often from the live ones.


Q: Is there a consciousness you share with God?


Paul: Yes, we have a bond.


Q: What?


Paul: We have a bond.  He talks to me through my conscience.  Through my heart.  He tells me what to do.  He tells me when I should unlock the safe or lock it.  Very seldom does he tell me to lock it.


Q: What is your safe?


Paul: It’s my subconscious in my heart.


Q: What else does God tell you?


Paul: He directs me on everyday things.  What I should do.  What I should be careful of.  If I should help someone.  It’s in those instances when I’m thinking should I do this, and God will interject and tell me whether I should or not.


Q: Do you talk to God?


Paul: Yes.


Q: What do you tell Him?


Paul: I always thank him for the day that has passed.  Another day I’d lived.  I ask him to heal at least one person a day, to watch over everyone in my family.  Keep them healthy.  And not to take anyone else from me.  I also ask him to keep me healthy.


Q: Is there a consciousness that you and I share?


Paul: Yes.


Q: Can you tell me about it?


Paul: We’re both interested in helping people.  Yet you do it better.


Q: Why is there a special connection between us?


Paul: Because you’re a good friend and doctor.  You’ve replaced the old.  I thought it could never be done.


Q: Replace the old what?


Paul: The old friend, doctor.


Q: Who was the old friend doctor?


Paul: Dr. Byrd.  He was a great doctor.  He cared so much about his patients, and about me.  He wasn’t one of those uptight doctors who just cares of you as a patient.  He got down on a personal level with you.  He tried to understand you.  He tried to help you through things.  Other doctors seem to come and go.  None of them as good as him.


Q: When we first met, there was a special connection between us.  How did you know it?


Paul: By your personality.  When you walked in the room that first day and I was in pain sitting down, I could tell by the glow on your face that you’re a kind, gentle, caring soul, and that you’ve done well in your life helping people.  I didn’t have an immediate sense of security. That takes time to build, but it was definitely a plus that I liked you, and your personality.


Q: Is there a soul?


Paul: Everyone has a soul.


Q: What is it?


Paul: It’s part of your second life.  Some people use it to give to other people, such as when you get married, you give part of your soul to the other person, yet you still have some of your own.  You give some of your soul when someone’s very ill, because you want them to feel better.  Some people keep their soul until they die, and then their soul decides where it should go, and who should benefit from it.


Q: Can you use up this soul if you give it to too many people?


Paul: No, because a soul is positive thing.  Although you’re only supposed to have one soul,  God replenishes your supply as long as you do good deeds with it.  Share it, and give it in a positive way.  If you take a soul, your soul is taken also.


Q: How can a person be without a soul?


Paul: Cold heartless people like murderers are soulless.  Because they gave up their soul when they took the soul.


Q: Can they regain their soul?


Paul: Through hard concentration.  And having beliefs.


Q: Where is your soul?


Paul: It’s in my whole body.  Most of it is in the mind though.


Q: So it’s not in your heart where your subconscious is?


Paul: It’s also in your heart, but mostly in your mind.


Q: What is prayer?


Paul: Prayer is when you talk to a deceased.  Somewhat foolish ‘cause to get down on your knees and cup your hands, and talk to someone.  Not holistic.  It takes other forms.  It takes concentration to pray.  A lot of people think they can just get on their knees and pray, and everything will be okay.  You have to have a reason.  You have to concentrate.  You have to have faith.  It’s not a one-time deal where you can just get down and pray.  There are many factors that go into it.


Q:  Where does prayer come from?


Paul: It varies with people.  Some people, it comes from habit, and then it’s meaningless in some aspects.  For other people it’s for emergencies, for their loved ones who are in danger.  For some people it’s for the benefit of others. It all comes from a person’s personal preference - what’s going on in their life.


Q: Does God answer prayers?


Paul: Yes, but not all.  He doesn’t have time to answer all.


Q: What is anger?


Paul: Anger is equivalent to violence, where you don’t know what to do with yourself.  It’s frustration and hostility.


Q: Why do people become angry?


Paul: Because they don’t know what to do, they’ve hit a wall, they can’t move.  That’s what happens a lot of times.  They hit the wall and can’t move.


Q: What is fear?


Paul: That plays with the subconscious.  Fear is something that your brain thinks you’re afraid of, and your subconscious knows you’re not.  But a lot of times your brain is a bigger factor than your subconscious was, and that is why you tend to fear things.


Q: What is music?


Paul: Music is an artistic form which helps enrich lives.  It helps brings cultures and various lifestyles and races together to one breed.  Eventually, one day there will be a universal music which young, old, and colored can all agree with.  It’s a very important aspect of life.


Q: Where does music come from?


Paul: It comes from the soul and mind of people who choose to help others through their music.


Q: Why does God want people to grow?  What’s the purpose?


Paul: Grow how?


Q: To mature, to learn from life.  What happens after life that this is important for?


Paul: Nothing is really important but the afterlife.  Because everything is carefree.  The whole reason for maturity is to grow as a person. Emotionally, physically and mentally.  To learn how to cope with various aspects of life.  That’s why when you are young you can’t be given a thirty-year-old project when you’re sixteen or six.


Q: Have you been to heaven?


Paul: Only in dreams.


Q: What does it look like?


Paul: It is a very nice place.  Everyone is friendly, and everyone knows everyone.  They’re helpful and carefree.  You don’t have to worry about problems, suffering, or any of earthly cares or worries.  Everything happens naturally there.  It’s naturally good.


Q: Do you have a purpose in life?


Paul: Yes.


Q: What is it?


Paul: I need to help, help as much as I can.


Q: Have you ever had a vision?


Paul: Of what?


Q: From God?


Paul: Yes.


Q: What happened?


Paul: I saw many of my relatives.  There was a light.  They were all sitting on a porch, on a nice big white mansion.  My grandmother said to me, It’ll be all right.  My aunt said to me, You’ve beat the odds before, kid.  You can do it again.   And God said, It will be okay, you’re in My hands.


At that moment Paul’s father sat upright.  “That’s it!” he exclaimed to his wife.  “That’s the sign you were asking for.” 


Paul’s mother looked at him incredulously. 


“Don’t you remember?” he continued.  “Yesterday, in the hospital.  You asked Paul to give you a sign if he is all right.  This is it.  This is the sign!”


Chills ran up my spine as Paul’s father said this.  Maybe this was the reason that I had felt so compelled to bring the tape to Paul’s family.  This was the only time I had tape recorded any hypnosis session with any patient.  How did it happen that this tape was so right for this family at this time?


Q: What is the most important thing about life?


Paul: To be happy with your life.


Q: Do animals have souls?


Paul: Yes.  Every living creature has a soul.  That’s why it’s not good to kill.  That’s why it’s not good to kill insects.  As much as I hate insects, I won’t kill them.


Q: Do plants have souls?


Paul: Yes.


Q: But we must kill plants or animals to survive.  We must eat them.


Paul: That’s part of life.  It’s part of the cycle.  They are sacrificing their soul to enrich another soul.  It all equals out in the end.  It’s not like we’re gaining their soul by eating meat, or gaining their soul by eating a plant.


Q: I don’t understand.


Paul: It’s a process.  There is no way we can survive without plants and animals.  I guess we’re just more important than them and look down upon them because there are so many more plants and animals then there are people.  We really don’t take the time to think that we’re taking their life and taking their soul.


Q: Why do you have life-threatening allergies?


Paul: Because God is giving me values, giving me morals, responsibility.  He may be punishing me in this lifetime with these allergies, or they may be a blessing, I just haven’t realized it yet.  But since He has given them to me, I know there is a purpose for ‘em.  And I know I probably have a good chance of getting into heaven, that He’s made me suffer through all these illnesses.  It’s built character.  There’s people who have the same illness who’re depressed and down all the time and can’t cope with it.  Yet I try to focus on the positive of it, by trying to share experiences and enrich people’s lives.  Eventually, it’ll all fade.  Not the illness, I’ll always have that.  But the thought of it, to the point where I really don’t even think about it.


Q: Why didn’t you die when you were seventeen?


Paul: Because I haven’t fulfilled my purpose yet.  But God was giving me a wake up call to get on the ball and do it soon.  I’m kind of hesitant, if I do my purpose in life soon, I am afraid He’ll take me as soon as my mission is accomplished.


Q: What is your purpose?


Paul: To help people in the best way possible.


Q: Aren’t there always people to help?


Paul: Yes, but God’s purpose for me is to do an abundance of it.


Q: Say that again, please.


Paul: He wants me to do an abundance of help.


Q: Does death exist?


Paul: Yes.


Q: What is death?


Paul: It is when your body dies, but you don’t.


Q: When you say ‘you’, you mean the soul?


Paul: Yes.


Q: How can I know for sure that God exists?


Paul: No one knows until they believe.


Q: How can I believe?


Paul: You have to read, and have faith.  Go to church.  Those are the so-called beliefs.  But with me, I don’t go to church.  I don’t read the Bible.  Yet I pray.  I feel as if I have a close relationship with God.  It all depends on what level you are with Him.


Q: Are there any beings around you other than your relatives?


Paul: There’s always someone looking down on you, somewhere in the world.  Not just my beings with my family.  There are other associates, friends, doctors, people that I have not, that I’m sure think of me occasionally.  When they think of me, those are the days that are really good, because I have an extra soul watching over me and thinking of me.  I can tell when someone is watching over me that I haven’t thought of in a while, because I’ll have a really good day.


Once we completed the hour-long hypnosis session, I said to Paul, “Describe how you’re feeling.”


Paul: I feel energetic, and lively, and happy, and just all around good.  It’s just like I woke up in the morning, and I got all this energy.


Q: Great.  Now, how long were you in hypnosis for?


Paul: I would have to say maybe a half a day.


When the tape concluded, Paul’s parents thanked me for sharing the tape with them. 


“You don’t need to thank me,” I said.  “I had to bring this tape here.  I feel as if a greater being orchestrated everything that has happened.  How else could it be that Paul and I made this tape, and that it would mean so much to you at this time.”  Indeed, I felt as if I were an actor on the television show “Touched By An Angel,” in which angels who appear human come to Earth to fulfill God’s will.  However, this was happening in real life.  It felt as if I was taking part in a miracle.


Paul’s parents have told me that his words echoed in their heads and comforted them during his funeral on the following day, and in the years since.

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