Love Songs

Ian’s subconscious asked to share a love song so that Ian would become aware of it:


Oh and in your eyes I see

a part of me

and it sets me free


Not a worry today

just gave my heart away

to you


Now the world is all around me

now that you’ve found me

that’s alI have to say


Oh when this you see

will you remember me

and keep me in your mind


We’ll go to this place

I’ll see your smiling face

we will see what we can find


And all this love and devotion

creates this emotion

deep inside of me


As Ian had brought up the subject of love, I recalled my existential discussions with Paul.  So Ian and I had the following brief typed interaction:


Q: What is love?


Ian:  Some describe love as a floating feeling which it is, but love is just an incredible happiness that some people just haven’t had yet.   It’s like an emptiness inside of you has just been filled and it can’t be empty again.  It’s just knowing that you’re loved the same amount that makes it so wonderful.


Q:  Where does love come from?


Ian:  It comes from emotions and I believe there are 2 people that are right for each other, attraction is one part , and personality is the other part.


Like Paul’s subconscious, Ian’s subconscious had responded to my questions without hesitation.  When Ian finished hypnosis, I asked him if he could answer a couple of questions by typing.  He agreed.  So I typed:


Q:  Hello Ian, how are you feeling now as compared to before the hypnosis?


Ian:  Relaxed


Q:  What is love?


A:  Love is like being on cloud 9.


Ian then paused for almost a minute as he considered the question further.  Then he typed:


You feel like there’s no way you can possibly be any happier...and then you are


Then I typed:


Q:  Where does love come from?


Ian:  You could say that in a way love comes from our minds, but feelings have a huge part in it...


Again, Ian paused a long time.  Then he concluded:


It’s a way of two people being so close in some way that they could be one.


I recalled my interactions with Paul’s subconscious about the nature of love:


Q: What is love?


Paul: Love is a special bond that you build with usually one person.  I think it’s only meant to be built with one. Love is a one-time deal.  You’re not supposed to have more than one.  Then it’s not really love the second time.  It’s an experience that you share with someone, who you care about, who you would do anything for.  Go to war for.  Die for them.  Cry for them.  Love is an unchaining of the soul.


Q: Where does it come from?


Paul: It comes from your soul, from your subconscious.  From people who surround you.  Dead or alive.  And from God.


And later on the same day, when Paul was out of hypnosis we had this interaction:


Q:  What is love?


Paul: Love is... I’d have to say... See, I don’t know because I have never been in love.  I think... You know... Someone who has been in love can give a better definition...  My definition is two people who care very deeply for each other, and have a special bond away from a bond that they have had with someone else, such as their family.  It’s an individualized bond with the other person.


Ian and Paul’s hesitant conscious answers were somewhat different and more simplistic than their spontaneous subconscious responses.  How did these teenagers arrive at their poetic subconscious definitions?  What does this say about how we learn and how our minds are organized?


As I did following each of our sessions, I gave Ian a copy of our typed interaction.  I congratulated him on his successes with hypnosis, and encouraged him to let me know if he would like to meet with me again. 


Ian’s mother hugged me as they left.  “Thank you,” she said.


“You know,” I mused.  “Ian’s improvement with hypnosis is so dramatic that I think I’m going to nominate him as a candidate for this year’s Children’s Miracle Network broadcast.”


His mother laughed.  “So I’ll have two miracle children.”


That’s right, I thought.  One was helped by modern medications, and the other with hypnosis.  One therapy was no less essential than the other.  

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