Feelings of Well Being

Several months later I again met with Ian.  He was so much more relaxed than when I first met him.  He reported that he was attending school on a regular schedule: He arrived at 7:30 am along with all the other students, and completed his school day in the early afternoon.  This allowed him to compete in his school’s soccer league on a daily basis.  He reported minimal abdominal complaints since I last saw him: He had developed brief stomachaches on a couple of occasions when he ate “the wrong kind of food.” But he had no other abdominal symptoms!


I asked Ian if he had written any recent poems. 


He said he had been composing a lot of poems, including love songs for his new girlfriend.  “I took some of the poems I typed here last time, and used them for a couple of my songs,” he explained.


I asked if he had consciously composed any poems about the improvement in his health.  He said that he had, and shared the following:


Amazing this relief I feel

Like a burden lifting off of my shoulders

Not a worry in the world

As life seems so much more fulfilling


I’m waiting to fall on my face

But now I know I will rise back up

I have never known a life like this

Where happiness has no limit


Now I will try to live life to its fullest

Almost as if I have another chance

As I step out into the world

With a whole new perspective on life


Ian then wanted to hypnotize himself to find out if his subconscious had written any new poems.  I asked his subconscious about new poems relating to his health.  Ian’s subconscious replied:


The smell of happiness

fills me with joy

as every day

better than the next one


A breeze of wind

feels different

as do all other feelings

in this new state of health


I never thought I could feel so incredible

so strong, so healthy, so happy

not even looking back at the problems before me

instead I look ahead to what lies in the future


Filled with joy my life is so much better

as every breath that I take I am more thankful

to everyone who has helped me

and to everyone who will continue to


Ian’s subconscious wanted to share additional poems, which I will relate in next week’s blog.

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