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Contagious Health

Brian continued to use hypnosis on a regular basis for many months.  Not only did his behavior greatly change following the insight he gained for hypnosis, but I noticed that his mother’s behavior also changed.  Brian’s mother, who always accompanied him to our Pediatric Pulmonary Center, was usually quiet and shy.  Within a few months of the improvement in Brian’s confidence and self-esteem, his mother began to appear more outgoing and confident at our Center.  She, too, began making better eye contact. 


After I noticed this for several months, I asked her about it.  “Have you noticed that you appear to be more confident over the past few months?” I asked. 


She looked a little surprised.  “Why, yes I did,” she replied. 


“How did this happen?”


“I am not sure.” 


“It seemed to happen around the same time as Brian became more confident,” I commented. 


“You might be right,” she replied.  “When I noticed that Brian was starting to feel better, I started to feel better too!”


As I reflected about this, I remembered that families are usually affected adversely when there is a sick family member.  Therefore, I should not have been surprised that family members feel better when a loved one improves.  In this case, I was struck by how hypnosis can affect not only my patient, but also others who care for him. 

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