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Another Poet

Over the subsequent week Ian had five pain-free days as he regularly employed hypnosis.  I congratulated him on the great improvement in his symptoms.  Ian was very interested in learning other uses for hypnosis.  One of the skills I taught him was how to allow his subconscious to type.  Ian took this opportunity to write a poem about what it felt like to be hypnotized:


All these senses I feel deep inside

Deafening silence to my ears

A cold breeze on my skin

Give me goosebumps as I stare into space


The feel of the cloud is warm and soft

like a comforter by a warm fire

My mouth is filled with the taste of something

So hard to describe, sweet, sour, salty, an equal amount of each


All this I feel in a moment’s time

Every second may differ in various ways

but I try to remember the good feelings

of being safe and calm and relaxed...


Ian then wrote a poem about what it felt like to have abdominal pain for thirteen years:


This feeling I get sometimes

Like an internal blast

Ready to explode

How long will it last


Waiting, feeling, not knowing what to expect

When will the suffering end

No medicine to heal me

How far will I bend?


Intense at times

I struggle to see

What’s always lurking

Inside of me


That’s all I can used to be longer


Ian reported having written this poem several months before he showed it to me.  However, when Ian finished hypnosis, he denied that he recognized either poem.  Once again, I was reminded that the subconscious appears to have the ability to compose complete creations.  Sometimes these creations are then presented to conscious awareness, but at other times they might not be.


Over the following week, Ian had no abdominal pain!  I was very impressed.  After thirteen years of almost daily abdominal pain, two weeks after application of hypnosis Ian was healed.

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