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A15. How Do We Know Hypnosis Really Happened?

DJ had just returned from his first formal hypnosis experience.


“What happened?” I asked.


“I was on the beach!” exclaimed DJ.  “It felt really real.”


“How long were you there?”


“It seemed like a week!”


“On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means you feel completely relaxed, and 10 means you are very tense,” I said as I tensed my arms to demonstrate.  “Where were you before you went to your beach?”


He thought a moment.  “A 4 or a 5.”


“And where are you now?”


“At a 0.”


“Wow!  How’d you do that?”  I asked, in order to teach him that he was in control of the experience.


“I imagined the beach and then I relaxed,” he stated, matter-of-factly.


“That’s terrific!” I exclaimed.  “Would you like to feel something really neat?”




“Make your fist,” I urged.


DJ clenched his fist, and I noticed that his body relaxed, and eyes became slightly unfocused.


“What’s happening?” I asked.


“I am relaxing again, and thinking of the beach,” he said quietly.


“Where are you on your relaxation scale now?”


DJ considered the question.  “Negative 5,” he laughed.


“So, have you ever been this relaxed before?”  I wondered.




“That’s interesting,” I observed.  “So, now you have a choice.  You can become this relaxed whenever this would be helpful to you, such as during stressful situations.”


“That’s cool,” he replied.


“Sure it is,” I echoed.  “You can use your fist should you feel short of breath while running, or you can even use if before you run so you do not become short of breath in the first place.”


“I get it,” he said.  Indeed, I felt that he now understood even better about how to apply hypnosis to help himself.  The fist demonstration after he did hypnosis confirmed to DJ that his hypnotic experience had improved his ability to cope with some of his life challenges.

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