A11. A Boy with Shortness of Breath

After I used hypnosis with patients for a number of years, I started lecturing widely about the benefits of such therapy and publishing about my experiences in the medical literature.  As a result, my colleagues began referring patients to me specifically for a hypnotic intervention.


One such patient was DJ, who was sent to me when he was 12-years-old with a complaint of shortness of breath during running.  DJ’s complaint was a common one for patients who came for care at our Center.  He explained that he usually developed trouble breathing during competitive races, but not during practice.  He said that his shortness of breath seemed to be caused by difficulty during inhalation, and sometimes he even developed a loud noise while breathing in.


DJ had been tried on a number of different asthma and allergy medications but they were unhelpful.


I recognized those symptoms, as they tend to affect almost 2 teenagers a week who are newly referred to the Pulmonary Center.


“I suspect your symptoms are the result of vocal cord dysfunction.  This condition occurs because your vocal cords and your voice box close when you are trying to breathe in, and this makes it difficult to breathe.”


DJ appeared to be listening carefully.


“Often, vocal cord dysfunction occurs when people are stressed psychologically.  In your case, you may be pushing yourself to perform as best you can and during competitive situations.”


“That is true,” said DJ.  “How is this fixed?”


“Well,” I replied.  “As you’ve found out, asthma and allergy medications do not help.  The way to fix this is to use your imagination to help relax your vocal cords.  I can teach you how to do that. This method can be called hypnosis.  What does the word hypnosis mean to you?”


“Do you mean you’re going to dangle a watch in front of me?”


I smiled.  “I did try that once, but I got tired from holding it up.  No, I am not going to do that again.  You see, you can use hypnosis to calm yourself through use of words and imagery.  What you need to understand is that hypnosis is in your control.  You cannot be hypnotized by anyone else.  If you follow my words you will become hypnotized, but only because this is something you are doing to yourself.”


“So, what do I need to do?”


“Let’s plan to meet next week in order for you to learn how to use hypnosis to help with your breathing.”


“Sounds good!”

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